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The Map of Most Popular Liquor in Each State


Are you a Jack Daniels fan? Maybe you prefer Jim Beam? Or is gin your poison of choice? When it comes to hard alcohol, each drinker has their own brand that they swear by. And while you can debate with your buddies ad nauseam over which label is better, there is no denying the general consensus of the population. Like beer, each state has its preferred liquor of choice.

To determine the most popular liquor, you could get an accurate count by taking a poll at all the bars in every state, but that would take forever. Luckily, if there is one thing social drinkers love as much as their brand of choice, it's social media. Analyzing the data of 700,000 users, the social app BARTENDr took a look at posts and photos to decipher what drinkers prefer on a regional scale. Take a look to see what's most popular in your state with this map, compliments of Business Insider.

So let's get into the popular liquor brands. All you whiskey drinkers out there will be happy to know that across the board a whopping forty-two states prefer to drink the dark brown liquor. Of all the brands, Jack Daniels and Fireball have the most presence regionally, with mainly good Old No. 7 reigning supreme in the South around Georgia and Florida, and Fireball warming up drinkers and liquor stores in the Northeast. Only a few states went for Irish whiskey with Jameson.

A few states set the whiskey aside for alternative brands. Grey Goose vodka, for instance, has a strong presence in Virginia, while Washington can't get enough Patron. What's somewhat surprising is several states are torn between brands of alcoholic beverages.

Idaho apparently has a wide-ranging pallet with Fireball, Captain Morgan rum, and Jagermeister all being preferred, while Iowa wants Parton, Jagermeister, and Crown Royal. Colorado, surprisingly, goes for Bacardi, while Oregon is saddling up for Jose Cuervo. Maybe it's the weather? For Texas, we have to imagine that Tito's isn't too far behind.

One would also expect Kentucky - home of the bourbon trail - to want an American brand like Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, or Maker's Mark. But no, surprising the rest of the country drinkers in Kentucky want Canadian whiskey and Jagermeister?! What's up with all the Jager guys? At least we can count on good old Tennessee for staying true with their love of Jack Daniels, and South Carolina, holding out for George Dickel. I wonder what the popular beer choices are in the United States.

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