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Peggy Polacek - Health & Wellness Editor/ Contributor

Peggy is an experienced holistic health professional and an inspiring wellness writer and presenter who is dedicated to the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of people and the planet. She is the creator of the wellness program Well Within, and the author of the Children's book A Day at the Zoo with Lou.

Peggy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a Finance major. She provided management and business consulting services to medical clinics and hospitals for 9 years before staying at home to raise 3 children.

In January 2012 she was certified from the graduate wellness coaching program at Mayo Clinic School of Science, Rochester, Minnesota. She has worked with many individuals

in large groups, and one on one settings.

In December 2013 Peggy received a Master of Arts Holistic Health degree from St. Catherine University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The purpose of her thesis research was to create awareness on the need for education on how changing lifestyle behavior through positive life/health choices has the potential to reduce chronic illness by 95%, and health care costs by 70%, and improve over-all health and wellbeing. Currently, research indicates that only 3-5% of individuals engage in healthy lifestyle behavior such as eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising and abstaining from unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, drug use and alcohol consumption.

In 2017 Peggy received a certificate for Ayurveda Medicine, the world's oldest holistic healing system, from Normandale College in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Peggy's areas of interest are creating awareness and educating individuals in resiliency and stress management to empower them to manifest emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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