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February 2019 Horoscopes

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

by Elaine Marolakos Edelson

Sun in Aquarius. Ignite your freedom but remember to wear a helmet. Where to? Time to explore this great country in style. You might just bust a move and do the last-minute B&B, music or film festival somewhere… else.

Even if you don’t leave town, use technology to plan that next trip, fun outing, or unexpected venture. Listen, Valentine’s Day in the air sign of Aquarius isn’t about gooey chocolate (well, depends on where you imbibe)!

You want to wow your lover? Be compassionate, unexpected, spontaneous. Get excited about your choices in life. Start chanting a gratitude prayer, “Thanks Cosmos for my blessings!” Then envision your next escapade. You don’t have to be an Aquarius Sun, Rising, or Moon sign to explore.

Ah, but the downside of this vibes screams, “There’s not enough to go around!” Let’s evaluate that vibe. You might say, “Oh, darn. No extra cash for travel.”

Why does a new experience have to be costly? What’s doin’ around town? Parades? Craft fair? From eclectic restaurants, comedy clubs, to IFly, your next experience awaits.

Sun Sign is your theme. Rising Sign equals wealth, health, passion, and purpose.

Read both for truer results.


March 21 - April 19

Ooh, new friends? (On motorcycles? With tech gadgets or vibrational healing tools?) Diverse groups with your new schema in mind? Promote yourself via higher technology. Publishing, international clients or contracts add to your unique style. Let’s talk about your impatience or squirrel attention span. If you’re angry for any reason, let it out in healthy ways. Count to ten. Name your feelings aloud. Careful on the road, with equipment, when exercising. Forcing your opinion doesn’t solve the problem. Persuade with enthusiasm as you open your heart to share the Love that you are.


April 20 - May 20

Capricorn and Leo eclipse vibes are still in effect. You might find that your professional world, and your life direction in general, benefit from last month’s due diligence. Be the extraordinary one in your field. Folks say to think outside the box. Instead, start imagining that there are no boxes. Claim your authority status and stay atop those contracts, negotiations, project revisions. Your public image grows via technology, tv, video, podcasts, writing, investments, traveling, or film. Big ideas come at oddest times. Record them! As you release dislike of pride or the need for validation, your message expands. What do you want to say? We’re listening.


May 21 - June 20

You might be ready to get out of town (or plan that trip), to add pizazz to the daily monotony. But also focus on publishing, classes, advertising, or job searches online as they lend more insights into your future. Friends and contacts assist your goals. Use social media to get the word out about your wants and needs. Hone your message. What words truly define you? Create a network of alliances who can help you to problem-solve. Chat rooms, mastermind groups, and unlikely venues offer brilliant ideas. Did someone say to visit one new café a week? Um. Yeah, I did. Small jaunts help you to incorporate collaboration into your world.


June 21 - July 22

Estate planning, joint resources such as taxes and health insurance matters, are on the list. I know, dry, boring, right? Maybe not if a new client shows up and asks you to wow them. Online tools are life savers, but research reviews for inside intel. Invest your inheritance and settle outstanding debts. Grand ideas and sudden inspiration come through the most unexpected channels. How do you prepare for the unknown? By trusting that you’re supported in both the physical and spiritual realms. This is true compassion. Okay, you can still have Valentine’s chocolates, too. An unusual income source or windfall comes your way. See? Needs met.


July 23 - August 22

It’s all about partnerships now and letting go of your expectations that have kept you disappointed on so many levels, albeit some are unconscious. Your spouse, high end client, potential and current partners have excellent ideas, albeit seemingly outrageous. You might ask, “What? Pick up and just go? Change like that? Stop doing what I know? Trust that solutions spring from collaboration?” Yeah. Get some sleep. Romance is mind-altering. (No, I didn’t say sex.) I meant romantic notions. The stuff of dreams. Stay on top of contracts, insurance, and paying off medical bills. Focus on what gives you joy. Cosmos does the rest.


August 23 - September 22

Seems easier to focus on work, staying busy while zooming through your duties, projects, and the day. Your mind gets clouded. Are you sleep-deprived? Worried? Deep breaths. Aura’s get clouded, too. Use vibrational healing methods to come back to center. Get your feet grounded in the earth, especially if you live in an apartment or big city. Toes in the sand or grass. Emotional Freedom Technique, flotation tanks, and acupuncture restore your vitality. Innovative ideas pour through when you clear body, mind, Spirit. That’s when you can share your highest self with others. Better to be patient with life than to bea patient!


September 23 - October 22

Home or real estate issues stifle. But finally, ah, romance. You’re a romantic anyway. You don’t need a prescribed holiday to tell you so, BUT, working so hard stops you from seeing the forest for the trees. Time for some Earthing. Follow your barefoot Virgo friends to the beach or park. Oooh, la la follows. Unless you want kids, use protection. What frees your mind, helps you to relax and simultaneously be inspired to create? Follow your bliss. New-fangled gadgets, music, films, dance, yoga, or writing classes or events help. Innovative like a child. A kid can play for hours and feel empowered simply by being. Lighten up.


October 23 - November 2

Saying, “Oops officer, I didn’t see the red light,” gets you in front of the judge faster than not, so extra careful on the road. Wear a helmet when biking. Keep anger in check or you could literally blow a fuse. You’re undergoing an emotional or physical healing, a possible big-time purge. Romance? Sometimes just holding hands is all you need. Nestle at home and set up shop. Redecorate. Buy or sell real estate. Find your thoughts in eclectic moments as you shy from needing to control what you cannot. Unexpected visitors break up tension. Freedom comes via self-reflection and Self-Love.


November 22 - December 21

Universal thoughts of freedom and abundance motivate you to travel, start a new biz or healing plan. Careful of piling on too much at once. Watch extremes! Rebelliousness is the flipside of innovation. Ponder that as you look at insecurity. An unknown future produces anxiety and you falter. To be successful, trust that you live in a benevolent universe, then plan ahead. Work out your need for speed with several projects. Be patient. Take stock. You’re growing in leaps and bonds. (Yes, pun intended!) You’ve got ideas galore. Acting class? Book? Photography, astrology, or music class? Building anything takes thought and time. Organize your immense talents to entertain or teach others.


December 22 - January 19

Oh happy day! Money can be made through the comfort of your home if you branch out online or sell via technology. You know those ideas you think are too outrageous? They’re not. You tend to work to the eleventh hour. Get outside in nature. Inhale the sky, a cloud, and connect with the Earth. It’ll help you to imagine your future. Combined with your dry wit and dedication to service, you can increase income by upgrading your attractor-factor by trusting in the Cosmos to support you as much as you support yourself. No need to invent the wheel. Follow expert methods. That and great wireless connection and you’re set.


January 20 - February 18

You’re electric. Time to shine, broadcast, or use technology to advance your goals. Bust out of your cocoon. Start to explore your neighborhood. Comedy show? Karaoke? New Sushi place? Gem and mineral show? Adopt the following attitude: do one new thing a day and you revive your Spirit. Your ideas are on fire. Impatient? Breathe. It does take time to bake a cake, but you’ve got all the ideal ingredients. Conflict arises when you can’t get people, ideas, or concepts to work fast enough. Music, metal or jewelry-work, (autos for some), and connecting the dots for others becomes your panacea. If doubt sets in, remember, you matter because your matter is Divine.


February 19 - March 20

You’ve culled the group, set aside the non-essentials, and are ready for a long meditation or a nap that lasts a week, complete with snacks and movies. Needy folks still knocking on the door? Repeat a Polish phrase, ‘Not my circus, not my monkey’s’. Inhale. Exhale. It’s okay to set boundaries and hide out a while to regenerate. Manifesting and healing take time. For some, a specific project or draining issue taxes your health. Seek pro advice. Once you recover a bit, sudden, exciting projects push you to grow. I know, you don’t wanna change. Organize your day to learn, think on the fly, then snuggle down with binge-worthy shows.

Elaine is a globally recognized Intuitive—Astrologer. Get your complimentary chart on Elaine’s website astrologymojo.com or contact her: elaine@astrologymojo.com

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