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April 2019 Horoscopes

by Elaine Marolakos Edelson

Saturn-Pluto and Neptune-Venus conjunctions say, “Time to build the framework for your Ideal Vision.”

And Sun in Aries says, “Let’s get going already!”

Remember, the planets don’t do anything to you. You live in a cooperation with your Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When you make a move, the planets reflect that.

Astrology is like a clock… it merely tells you what time it is.

And where the Southern hemisphere is getting ready to hunker down for a cozy cup of cocoa by the fire, the Northern hemisphere is gearing up for bloomin’ love.

Spring is bursting. But before you do anything, plan it out.

Aries energy has a tendency to leap before looking. So, with Pluto (core transformation) holding hands with Saturn (authority, structure, denial), be real about what you’re doing and why.

Venus represents Love, Beauty, Romance, Finances, Food, and an oh, so stubborn attitude. But it’s in dreamy Pisces. Together with that Aries get-up-and-go vibe, go ahead and piece together all the topics that help you connect to your Ideal Vision.

Then go for it. Yep. Shed that winter coat and show some skin.

Float spas? Bike marathons? Rowing? Fitness training? Tai Chi in the park? Hot Air Ballooning?

When the sky and your enthusiasm know no limits, why not?

Sun Sign is your theme. Rising Sign equals wealth, health, passion, and purpose. Read both for truer results.


March 21 - April 19

Set the stage for your awakening or reentrance into a new world (career, life direction, retirement, healing, spiritual ah-ha). It’s okay to mistrust, we all do, but if you’re willing to brave the unknown, now’s the time to build the infrastructure in your mind and on paper. Dad issues arise. Either he’s about to leave this earth or your current patterns reflect his limited parenting. No blame. Take back your power. Do something with it!


April 20 - May 20

As you invest energy in writing, travel, publishing, foreign or financial matters, intellectual property, or in securing your ideal target audience, realize that your gifts and talents are needed, sought after. Your fear has kept you from signing that contract or delivering the goods you promised (either in a project or a spiritual vow made long before arriving to the earth). You exist in a benevolent universe. Trust this. Commit to your next best self.


May 21 - June 20

Feel like skiing downhill as the snow melts? Resist the urge to commit to… everything. Income opportunities arise, but not all are meant to be. What’s your greatest joy? Follow those open doors. Even if it means giving up an income source. Tests? No. Deep down you have a need to prove your worth. This looks like estate planning and getting every last dime owed to you. Truth? You are worth it. Be.


June 21 - July 22

Sobering or at least a restructuring time with spouse and partners. Dig deep into what you both need especially if you two live and work together. Adjustments are needed. No regrets. Magical times ensue along with stubborn refusal to let go of what you wanted things to be. (Contracts, travel, eyesight issues, doused dreams.) Gratitude is the vibe that resonates the frequency abundance. Go there and you’ll suddenly meet people who have timely, karmic gifts.


July 23 - August 22

Big time readjustment in work and with health that you feel in your literal bones, knees, joints, skin, and even in your teeth! Go slow. Ending sleep deprivation and balancing hormones are keys to happiness. Life feels like a dream. Maybe it’s those late nights? Perhaps your thoughts blur the lines between waking and sleeping life? Be mindful of bank account and credit cards (redo passwords, upkeep ledgers). Time for estate planning or a legacy.


August 23 - September 22

Memories stir sentimental attitudes about home, family, lovers, children, and your ideas of partnership. You may feel exhausted from grief or from putting in your all for little return on investment (of time, energy, cash) with romance or children. Deep down you’re morphing into the new and improved you. Neutralize limiting beliefs that stop the flow of abundance by recognizing them in the moment. Envision your ultimate dream, daily, repeatedly. Open your heart, manifest Love.


September 23 - October 22

Balancing home and work life is showing. Tired? Overwhelmed? Overcommitting way too much? Feel crazy? Now’s the time to get clear on the patterns you exhibit that sabotage you. Perfectionist? Impatience? Stubbornness? Self-judgments? Continued counseling helps. Herbs, meditation, designing your bliss in real, actionable steps… slowly, methodically, without being so hard on yourself is key. Life reflects you. What you believe on all levels becomes your reality. Maybe it’s time to change your thoughts? Yep.


October 23 - November 2

Be clear on what you really want. Release those hardened judgments that lead to a fruitless search for perfectionism. You’ll make your world so small before it has a chance to expand. Hissy fits? Internal temper tantrums? The power of breath has been documented. Oxygenate your blood and clear your mind. Creative play, parenting, and romance follow. Imagine you’re a game designer. Look at your life. Would you want to play it again? Reinvent yourself.


November 22 - December 21

Charging and getting what you’re worth? Have debt? Financial debt stems from mismanagement of funds and a deep-seated belief in lack. Adopt the phrase, ‘There’s enough of everything to go around.’ Learn to manage cash with budgets, ledgers, and ditch the credit cards. Get secured loans, debit cards to raise your credit scores and reduce deficits. Be realistic about your dreams, desires. Sober up to see the magic that already exists. Gratitude is the attitude.


December 22 - January 19

Aching? Questioning everything? Welcome to your Cosmic, timely stop sign. Reconstruction is underway. Check in with body, motives, attitudes, actions, (inaction), dreams, limiting beliefs, and the architecture for designing and maintaining your world. Spirituality is your core self. As you access it via meditation, alone time, and breathing, back burner goals, thoughts, energy, and empathy emerge. If you stood on stage, talking about your greatest joys, or teaching something what would you say? Start journaling!


January 20 - February 18

Being realistic about goals isn’t easy at present. Thrown off course often, grasping at temporary dreams? Disillusioned? Losing sight of what’s real? Down on yourself? Start trusting your intuition and shy from extreme behavior. Merge practical with spiritual by having a healthy dose of daydreaming combined with action on only those things that speak your truth, or you stand to lose energy, cash, time, resources. Utilize counseling to unlock hidden, sabotaging behaviors. Self equals Love.


February 19 - March 20

What would you like to say? How would you like to illustrate what you’re about? You’ve got a magnetic attraction effect on folks. Shy from addictive behaviors that you think protect you from the harsh world. Vision issues? A group of friends, family, or coworkers want you to be part of the team or perhaps have you represent them. Elder status? Oooh. Before committing, check in with yourself. Is it what you want? You sure?

Elaine is a globally recognized Intuitive—Astrologer. Get your complimentary chart on Elaine’s website astrologymojo.com or contact her: elaine@astrologymojo.com

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