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What is XO from USA?

XO from USA is a carefully curated eMarketplace where you shop directly from the best artisanal Farmers & Makers in the USA and have everything delivered fresh from farm to door. The organic cherry on the top are the exceptional culinary experiences featuring top Farmers & Makers throughout each State. 

Bringing fresh artisanal foods to your door

You have more choices than ever when it comes to what you buy and the choices can be overwhelming. However, quantity is definitely not quality. At XO from USA, we've done the hard work for you because we've hand-selected the best artisanal Farmers & Makers in the USA. 

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You want the best foods available

For your family. For your friends. For yourself. Good health and nutrition matter to you. You also want to know where the things you buy come from, and who made them. XO from USA is all about fresh, sustainable, consciously crafted produce and products, because the way things are grown matters and where things come from makes a difference. It’s that simple...

But where do you look in an overcrowded marketplace?

With an endless number of products to choose from, it’s becoming harder for small artisanal companies to get the attention they need to survive and thrive. Both online and on the shelf, major grocery retailers feature traditional products and what appear to be homegrown brands that are actually owned by major corporations. 

New, artisanal foods are being crafted every day…

Farmers, Makers and Small-batch Crafters believe they can truly make a difference. Through sustainable farming and responsible crafting methods these pioneers are growing and making foods that are healthier for you, and the planet.

XO from USA finds the very best

We are continually on a quest for the very best Farmers & Makers across the USA. This is at the very heart of what we do. 

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We personally meet every Farmer & Maker

Believe it or not, we take the time to personally meet with every Farmer & Maker that we recommend and we sample, sip, taste and see all of the fresh foods that we feature.  

Only the very best make it

You can be sure that everything you discover on XO from USA is worth trying and buying. Cross our hearts. 

Shop effortlessly on our eMarketplace
We have carefully curated this eMarketplace to showcase the very best sustainable Farmers & Makers throughout each state. They are growing & crafting delicious, nutrient-rich foods to nourish you, your family & the earth. You will also make an impact on the environment with every dollar you spend. How does that work? It's pretty simple, here's just a small taste of what we're all about...


The culinary adventures continue...

You are invited to discover rich culinary experiences throughout each State. Meet these Farmers & Makers and explore how things are grown and made. Celebrate the seasons and the bountiful harvests in the places they call home.

We're crafting a community

Guess what? XO from USA is much more than an eMarketplace and Culinary Experiences, we are a community of food-loving, healthy-living, environmentally conscious enthusiasts in all of the 50 States, 5 Territories & Washington DC who celebrate great food, good people and the planet. 

The best things come from the heart.

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