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STEP 1 - Login to your account and reset your password, Instructions >

STEP 2 - Enter your PayPal account information for payments, Instructions >

STEP 3 - Confirm your Seller information, Instructions >

STEP 4 - Add your address & phone number to your invoice, Instructions >

STEP 5 - Upload your products, Instructions >

STEP 6 - Wait for orders. Don't worry, it won't take long. Instructions >

STEP 7 - Fulfill your orders, Instructions >

STEP 8 - Get paid automatically. Instructions >



1. From your seller dashboard, locate ‘PROFILE’ along the top navigation bar to extend the dropdown menu. Select ‘MY ACCOUNT’.

Password Change 1.jpg

2. In the upper right corner of the “My Account” page click the box to “Change Password.”

Password Change 2.jpg

3. In the popup box enter your current password, new password, confirm password and then click “Save.”
(Note: First time users, your password was emailed to you in your welcome confirmation email.)

Password Change 3.jpg


Payments are sent from XO from USA via PayPal automatically.

1. From your seller dashboard, locate ‘PROFILE’ along the top navigation bar to extend the dropdown menu. Select ‘PAYMENT DETAILS’.

Paypal Setup 1.jpg

2. Click the drop down menu indicated by the red arrow in the photo below. An option will appear for ‘PayPal' indicated by the red circle in the photo below. Select 'PayPal'.

Paypal Setup 2.jpg


1. From your seller dashboard, locate ‘PROFILE’ along the top navigation bar to extend the dropdown menu. Select ‘MY ACCOUNT’.

Profile Edit 1.jpg

2. Confirm that all business details in the following boxes are correct:

A. Email, Seller Name, Seller Shop Name, Store Address, City, Country, State, Seller Zip Code, and Seller Contact Number. The red arrows in the photos below indicate these required boxes.

B. DO NOT upload a profile image or logo.

C. DO NOT write a Short Store Description or a Seller Policy. These sections should say ‘None’.
(Store descriptions & policies will be entered on your individual product pages.)

D. Hit the green ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button when finished, located on the lower left of your screen.

Profile Edit 2.jpg
Profile Edit 3.jpg


These instructions will walk you through how to input your store information that will be printed out on individual invoices to customers. It is a necessary step that will only need to be completed once, unless you have an address or telephone number change.


1. From your seller dashboard, locate ‘CONFIGURATION’ along the top navigation bar to extend the dropdown menu. Select ‘INVOICE CONFIGURATION’.

Invoice Configuration.jpg

2. In the first empty text box, enter your store’s address. In the third text box, enter your store’s telephone number. Red arrows indicate both of these text boxes in the photo below. The other text boxes are optional for you to complete. Hit the green ‘SAVE’ button in the lower left corner when finished!

Invoice Configuration 2.jpg


1. From your seller dashboard, locate ‘PRODUCTS’ along the top navigation bar to extend the dropdown menu. Select ‘PRODUCTS LISTING’.

Fulfill 1.jpg

2. Click the green rectangular button in the upper right corner of the screen that says ‘+ADD PRODUCT’. It is circled in red in the photo below.

Fulfill 2.jpg

3. Next you will enter the product details.

A. Under ‘CHOOSE PRODUCT’, leave it listed as ‘Normal Product’.

B. Enter in the Product Name.

C. For Product Type, click on the text box with your cursor. A drop down menu will appear with many categories. Pick the product type that best fits the item (i.e. fresh fruit, oil, spices & seasonings, candles, etc).

D. Product description: type your product description directly in the box to maintain font formatting on website. You may also copy and paste from your website, into a word document. With this method please format your text to Helvetica 10 pt before pasting in description box. **Include important information and/or shipping details that relate to your product.

E. For Product Tags, enter the state in which the item is sold/manufactured.

F. Product photography should be high res on a white background before they are uploaded.


G. You will also need to upload photos of nutritional facts & ingredients. A red circle in the upper right of the photo below indicates this step.

Fulfill 3.jpg

G. Skip the Product Policy box, as it is does not feed over to the store.

H. Enter weight for shipping.

I. Enter the price of your product & make sure the box is checked to charge taxes. Red arrows in the photo below indicate these three steps. Any text boxes not indicated by red arrows are optional to complete.

Fulfill 4.jpg

J. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the green ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button. Click to save!

Fulfill 5.jpg


1. Don't worry, it won't take long.

2. An automatic email will be sent to you when you have received an order.

2. Make sure you have provided photos, information and recipes to your State Scout & Social Specialist to feature on the XO from USA website and social media accounts.



1. From your seller dashboard, locate ‘ORDERS’ along the top navigation bar to extend the dropdown menu. Select ‘ORDERS LISTING’.

orders 1.jpg

2. You will see a list of your orders. Under ‘FULFILLMENT STATUS’, the item will be highlighted in red stating that it is unfulfilled and needs attention. Just to the right, you will see 3 horizontal blue dots under ‘ACTION’. Click those blue dots. We have pointed a red arrow to them in the image below.

orders 2.jpg

3. A pop-up box will appear that says ‘VIEW’ to view the order. Click on ‘VIEW’.

orders 3.jpg

4. Here you will be able to see more details of the order. We have blurred the customer’s shipping & billing details, but normally you would be able to see all of this information. Once again, the order will state in highlighted red that it is currently unfulfilled. 

orders 4.jpg

5. Next, you will need to print an invoice for the customer, to send with your product. Locate the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu under ‘ADDITIONAL ORDER DETAILS’ and select ‘Print Customer Invoice’. You will include this invoice in the shipping box.

orders 7.jpg

6. You are now ready to pack your order. Make sure your product arrives in perfect condition by wrapping and packing your goods as needed. Include the customer invoice in the box. Seal your shipment with the XO from USA State branded tape. Lastly, Sellers may choose their preferred shipping method and carrier, not to exceed standard delivery of 3-5 business days.


Please note: The success of this relationship is derived from all customers visiting XO from Please do not include any business marketing materials that feature your email, website or phone number.

USA State Growers Box Tape.jpg

7. Now you need to fulfill the order. Scroll down to the bottom of the order details page and click the ‘FULFILL’ button on the lower left. We have circled it in red in the image below.

orders 4.jpg

8. A pop-up box will appear. Enter the tracking number in the first text box. Enter the shipping method in the second box. There are red arrows indicating these steps below. You also have the option to enter a tracking URL, but it is not mandatory. Once you are finished, click the blue button in the lower left corner labeled ‘Fulfill items’.

orders 8.jpg

9. A green box will appear in the upper right corner of your screen confirming a success! Now you will see that the order says ‘Fulfilled’ and is highlighted in green. Once an order is marked "Fulfilled" an automated email is sent to the customer and includes the shipment details and tracking information for their order.

orders 9.jpg
get paid


1. Payment distributions for orders will be sent automatically to your PayPal account.


2. Make sure you connected your Business PayPal account in Step 2, Instructions >


3. Farmers & Makers receive 80% of each of their products sold. XO from USA online marketplace receives 20% of each product sold. See Terms & Conditions.


Need help? Have more questions? Contact us directly for personal service at:

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