Sustainability and giving back are at the very heart of XO from USA and we take great pride in creating environmentally sensitive merchandise that discourages single use plastics and paper. 


We encourage everyone to use refillable water bottles, cups, mugs and totes. This will help make the cities and states we love and call home, even better places to live and visit. 

This is a meaningful way to connect with communities while addressing the issue of disposable plastics including plastic bags, water bottles, disposable cups, plastic straws, etc. 


We source eco-friendly materials for our products and we use minimal packaging with less plastic and paper. 

We also donate a percentage of profits to local nonprofits that support the arts, education, animals and the environment. We walk the walk and talk the talk and we are very proud of our commitment to doing well by doing good. 


We are a company with a conscience and we are environmentally sensitive. That’s not just a “feel good statement.” That’s who we are. It’s good to be green & giving. 


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