XO from USA is an online community and E-marketplace where you can buy directly from the best Farmers & Makers in the USA. We are champions of homegrown & handmade.


We have carefully curated the very best in each state, cutting out the middleman so that you can order homegrown & handcrafted goods directly from Family Farms and Makers across the USA. 


This is all about the “love of local” and the pride of place. 


Welcome to this amazing community that celebrates the unique spirit of each state where sustainability is at the very heart of everything...

Rediscover America’s treasured destinations including the charming cities and the spirit of each of the 50 states. Meet the makers, who are the new movers & shakers. This is as much a movement as it is about merchandise and we are committed to environmentally sensitive business practices and supporting local communities.


XPL♡RE this great country and share where you live and where you travel with those you love.


Celebrate the Love of Local & the Power of Place...


Our mission is simple: we believe in homegrown & handmade and in the noble work of Farmers & Makers. We are passionate about sustainability and green-commerce. We are all about the love of local  and the pride of place. We are enthusiastic explorers who want to share the people & places that make each state and the USA so unique. 


The creative team has unprecedented experience in branding, licensing and marketing including development of The Trail of Painted Ponies, one of the most successful art & collectible companies in America with sales exceeding $250 million. 

Jill Frier

AZ Brand Ambassador

Sarah Gerhardt

Design &

Social Media Assistant

Karlynn Keyes

CEO & Designer

Regan Lee

Brand Ambassador

Bryn Lawson

COO & Designer

Emily Jensen

Brand Ambassador

Dylan LaRochelle

Social Media Specialist

Steve Searfoss

Shopify Expert

John Principale

Technology Interface

Bill Peck

Sales Director

Sue Reddish


Adam Weisman

IT Director

Mary Wolf



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